We have the tendency to glorify sociopaths and then watch them ruin the world for the rest of us!
The space agencies the world over are being exploited by private organisations
China is playing a game whose rules we need to grasp first
Every product or service that you use, will turn into a subscription, pretty soon!
The App Store is under attack from those who are required to pay to use it.
We need to start calling them something else!
Are governments only in the business of demoralising their people? Afghanistan, China and India - Different things, similar effect.
They want to go to the next frontier, but with public money!
The IPCC Has provided a damning report. Are we ready to act yet? Or will Ego continue to get the better of us?
A lot of value stands to be destroyed in the coming months in the telecom industry.
Disney the benevolent stiffing an actress. Are they really benevolent?
A military pull-out and suddenly every leader in Asia is worried about the country that none of them cared about.