Why is the world fucked up?

Politicians won't back down from a position no matter how wrong they are...

If you look at the evolution of scientific knowledge, science only moves forward when someone comes along and proves what we already knew to be wrong. Galileo did it. Newton did it. Einstein proved Newton wrong. Heisenberg and Bohr came up with the quantum theory and proved Einstein wrong at the atomic scale. When Einstein and Bohr are proven wrong science will move ahead. 

In science, almost no fact is the ultimate truth. It is a truth that still has not been proven wrong. 

Our leaps of understanding come, when what we considered fact is proven wrong. 

Science moves ahead when we change our minds. 

Einstein loved thought experiments. Since the Quantum theory had poked holes in his theory of relativity, he would keep devising thought experiments to prove it wrong. Bohr on the other hand kept playing with the thought experiments that Einstein came up with, till the end of his life, to try and see if the Quantum theory was wrong in any way.

Think about politics by comparison. Which politician would be willing to concede that their thinking or position may be wrong? How many times have you seen a politician change their position completely and then live to tell it?

What do you do when presented with new information that you did not have? Now, think what a politician would do when presented with new information? If they change their mind with new info they are said to be ‘flip flopping’ and their career is finished 

Arguably, politicians make decisions that affect our lives in far more profound ways than any scientist can. They would not change their mind no matter what evidence is presented to them. We all saw what happened during the first wave of COVID in the USA and the second wave in India. Politicians were unwilling to change their minds when presented with new information!

This is exactly why the world is fucked up. The only way to move forward is to prove yourself wrong and the people making decisions for us would never do that.

What gives?