Dec 31, 2021 • 8M

Real Philanthropy | Podcast

There are too many people pretending to do good in the world but a few really are doing the good work.

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Vivek Srinivasan
My podcast, just like my blog is about demystifying and simplifying complex things but pulling many threads together. If you are curious and love to learn about the world around you, you will love this podcast!
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This is the Learning by Proxy podcast for Edition 92. If you do not enjoy reading long-form, get the gist of it in about 10 minutes (or that was the hope). 

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While there are way too many billionaires pretending to do good and giving away money under the garb of a foundation there are those who are actually managing to do it. This is great to know and a great way to end the year. So to end the year on a positive note.

You can find the whole blog at this link.

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