Learning by Proxy Announcement

Since the beginning of 2021, I have been recording the weekend edition as a podcast since it tended to be long-form. I have since reduced the length of the weekend posts considerably. It no longer runs into 3000 words.

More importantly, writing is a medium that I take to more easily. It is not hard to write and I can dish out more content or more up to date content if I did not have the liability of recording the podcast. I record the podcast on Sunday for its release next Friday. The world changes a lot in that mich time. Not to mention producing the podcast is a lot of work which is frankly not worth it.

It was in March 2020, that I started Learning by Proxy. On the 2-year anniversary, I am thinking of making a few changes.

As of this week, I am stopping the podcast in its current form. I will probably add other sections to the blog, or change the format of the podcast; still mulling it over.

Here is where you come in…

If you have any suggestions to offer please feel free to leave them as a part of the comments to this thread. Which piece did you like and which one did you not?

Look forward to hearing from you.