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The blows are coming from within this time around, this is going to be harder to overcome! Edition 62

The bigger any industry has grown, the more they have been able to influence policy to have it their way. But what can they do when the push for change comes from those who own the company. When the current operations do not seem sustainable over the long term and questions based only on shareholder returns arise, it is something they cannot lobby their way out of.

Money has been the fiefdom of governments for a long time. If that changes, many countries stand to suffer. Edition 63

The story of money is one that has been poorly presented and even poorly understood. A few months ago, I had written a blog that was filled with the same garbage that is the popular theory of money.

Man needs stuff —> Barter —> Money

Because of this improper understanding, we are walking down a path where history will repeat itself.

Incredibly rich technology companies are going to have to start paying their dues. Edition 64

The rich companies, especially in tech have been getting away with paying little to nothing in taxes for several years now. Those days are numbered. The rise of democrats in the US has ensured that their days of getting away with murder are over.

Large technology companies had it quite easy for quite a long. Those days are over. Edition 65

Technology regulation is becoming a minefield of complications. While the internet started out in America but its regulation started in Europe. Finally, the American legislation is catching up and how?

They are going for the jugular! While it might be hard to bell the cat; they have created the bell.

Mid-Week Posts

Our education teaches us everything other than thinking, and there is a reason for that. Thoughtless Education

How much do you need to improve so that the improvement can be felt? 10%, 100%, 1000% - It depends! Discernable Difference

To be good... You have to be willing to be bad first...


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