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Weekend Blogs

Philanthropy has been used and abused to no ends, Bill Gates is the high priest of the temple. Edition 66

When you hear the word Philanthropy, you conjure up images of generous people with buckets full of money hurling their money at hoards of poor people. The truth is far from that. Often they are giving away little to nothing and what they do give is more than recovered through the access that they are able to secure to the corridors of power.

I think the word needs to undergo redefinition.

The pandemic "ends" the economy is roaring back to life and businesses can’t find workers!! Edition 67

Life is filled with dichotomies. One of the dichotomies facing American businesses right now is the high unemployment rate coupled with the inability to find workers. One would assume that if there were jobs on offer, people would come out looking for work. That has not happened.

China's days of economic ascendance are falling prey to one man's ego! Edition 68

Every great empire that has ever existed in the world has eventually fallen prey to the ego of one man who was handed a fully formed country. The one thing that we can be certain of is that history repeats itself. China earned its place in the world through the sacrifice of billions. That sacrifice is going to be squandered to sate the ego of one man.

The rich nations of the world are finally having to deal with the consequences of the pollution that their "standard of living" has caused. Edition 69

Usually, weather updates are for the end but I guess we need to start this one with some updates. If we had left it to our forefathers they would have just thought that the gods are angry with us. Unfortunately, we cannot brush this one away that easily.

Climate Change is real and it is finally knocking on the doors of rich people.

A military pull-out and suddenly every leader in Asia is worried about the country that none of them cared about. Edition 70

When the Romans used to build their arches, they would start the foundation from both sides and finish up at the top. The final stone to be placed would provide compression to both sides and hence hold the arch in position. It was a wedge-shaped piece called the Keystone. If the keystone was to be removed, the entire arch would fall.

Afghanistan has turned into a keystone for Eurasian peace!

Mid-Week Posts

Hard Work is for fools!

Burn your ship, is the worst piece of advice that anyone can give you.

Chance plays a role in life, whether you succeed or fail! Chance and Life

If a rule has exceptions, it probably is not a good rule. Explanation and Exception