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Everything I wrote in the month of August

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Weekend Posts

Disney the benevolent stiffing an actress. Are they really benevolent? Edition 71

Latrodectus is a genus of Spider that is well known for the red hourglass-shaped marking on its back. The female spiders of the Latrodectus genus engage in sexual cannibalism; the female spider eats the male after sex. The spider is therefore known as Black Widow.

A lot of value stands to be destroyed in the coming months in the telecom industry. Edition 72

Telecom was the ticket to great wealth for governments around the world. Governments were hiring game theorists to determine how to sell air - quite literally. In the case of India, things did not really turn out the way the government had imagined. This hot potato was a creation of the previous BJP government and the current one is left to deal with its consequences.

The IPCC Has provided a damning report. Are we ready to act yet? Or will Ego continue to get the better of us? Edition 73

In 1988, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) came together to create a body to which membership was open to all countries of the UN. The body was mandated to provide objective scientific information relevant to understanding human-induced climate change. This body was called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

They want to go to the next frontier, but with public money! Edition 74

Space was the ambition of the Nazis. Hitler had some really wild theories but the central amongst them was the Wunderwaffe. A wonder weapon, so powerful that it would put an end to all his enemies. From the Holy Grail to Incan treasures and spells, no theory was left to chance. Of the many real-world manifestations of the entire exercise, the most well known, was a weapon called the Vergeltungswaffe; also known as the V-weapon. The literal translation of the word means Retribution Weapon. Before retribution could be delivered, the world war came to an end.

Mid-Week Posts

When the fundamental laws are proved wrong, you make progress. Entropy

Optimists are problem solvers; not people who believe everything will be fine. Optimists

The only thing that can help you prepare for change is observation Observe

The Time we waste before realising things Time