Jun 14, 2021 • 23M

Accessibility - A Podcast with Thomas Logan

Almost all of us use accessibility features without even being aware of it! What is it? How does it aid users? Thomas Logan from Equal Entry speaks with me.

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Vivek Srinivasan
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Accessibility is one of those features that are important to many people but unless you use it regularly, you often do not care about it. Did you know closed caption which almost all of us use which watching TV today something that was originally designed as an accessibility feature? 

In this episode, I speak with Thomas Logan, the founder of Equal Entry, a firm focused on consulting for accessibility. He lives in Japan but caters to a large US customer base in the area of designing for accessibility. I learnt a lot about accessibility as well as the process that they follow to include accessibility in various product.

As a startup, if you are thinking about accessibility and would like to have a word, you can follow him or get in touch with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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