Every product or service that you use, will turn into a subscription, pretty soon!
There are several razors that make thinking about problems rather easy. Here are a few.
In any confrontation, assuming that the person on the other side has good intentions, will almost always deliver a better outcome
List of books I have read since Jan 2022
With the direction of movement in the EV industry, the success of Tesla is not a foregone conclusion.
Just because some things can be compared does not mean that they are comparable.
This battle was started by USA in 2014, it is coming to an end now.
IRCing the West; India, Russia and China seem to be thinking of what this situation could mean, long term.
is perhaps the most powerful tool in the hands of a marketer. It ensures that you see things their way.
The Middle East is perhaps the most complex region to understand. That land was the cradle of civilisation and history that old is ofter hard to…
If your work involves values be prepared to derive little to no value from it
What makes certain marketing messages sticky and others not so much.