A book by Jason Hickel
A new paradigm of passwordless login is going to come to all services very soon. Expect to abandon all your passwords by the end of this year.
A book by Johann Hari
Billions have been made manipulating people's attention. Alternate reality is the best way to completely exploit it, but fortunately it is not taking…
It is real and not too many people know about it. No science book even defines it.
With the direction of movement in the EV industry, the success of Tesla is not a foregone conclusion.
When those who created the problem offer a solution, they are more interested in preserving the status quo rather than a real solution. They make you…
Your backyard will fill up quite quickly
If your work involves values be prepared to derive little to no value from it
Does not exist...
David's last book raises a lot of important questions about the structure of society and how we reached here.
Monopoly laws have been left toothless thanks to legal chicanery, so another stick needs to be invented